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What it means to you to be a DSP and why you love your job...

"Being a DSP to me means helping provide a happy and enjoyable environment for people and making a difference and good impact on lives in the community. I love being a DSP because seeing people happy brightens my day and makes me very happy for the,. Making a difference in their lives matters and having happy people to be around makes life so much more pleasant."

"Being a DSP to me means being able to provide a safe living environment, teach/help them with daily living skills, be here for them when they have problems or are going through a tough time.  Also be able to help them achieve their goals and wishes.The reason I love my job is because I love to see them smile and joke around. I love to interact with the girls and make a difference in their lives.  I love being able to help others."

"Being a DSP to me means serving the people that live here, ensuring what they need to fulfill their goals and be functional people in society. I love my job because I have a sincere passion for helping others."

"DSP is rewarding to me because I know I am here to help when needed. Even though I work the night shift I don't get to see the girls much,  it makes me happy I'm here if they need to talk or have a problem.  I've been in this field of work for many years and I love every minute."

"Being a DSP means assisting residents with everyday tasks as well as providing moral support through the ups and downs of their lives.. I love  my job as a DSP cause I get a chance to help change the lives of others by making their lives fun and exciting. I also enjoy helping residents fulfill their wishes and seeing a smile on their faces."

"Being a DSP has me assisting those  in need.  There's nothing like getting met at work with a smile and leaving with a house full of goodbyes. I can rest better knowing I made a difference."

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