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About Us


Residential Living Solutions maintains adult and transitional youth foster care homes in various locations. These foster care homes provide home and community based waiver services for the mentally ill adults and adolescents who are authorized by waivers or grant & aid funds or have health insurance or private pay.

Residential Living Solutions believes Mental Illness is only a small piece of who we are, not a reflection of ourselves. Our character, the sum of who we are, is defined by what we do with the life, skills, and opportunities we have.

RLS focuses on 4 different MI populations.

  • High Behavior MI Adult

  • Corrections

  • Veterans

  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Everyone who resides in a RLS home has a Mental Illness (MI) diagnosis.  This means he or she has been diagnosed with a Major Mental Illness, as defined by the DSM-IV. He or she may have other issues that need to be addressed as well, and those would be assessed by the initial referral and meeting.  Referrals are usually done by Case Managers, and sometimes family members, hospitals, or another social service agency. Funding comes from a variety of sources, usually through state or county funds or waivers, such as MA/CADI, disability funds, mental health insurance or private pay.

RLS strives to provide the best possible care and home environment for each of our clients.  Our staff members are well trained and educated on how to assess and deal with client's needs and situations that may arise.  Each client has a Behavior Management Plan (BMP) and a Risk Management Plan (RMP).  These are implemented to help the client to achieve his or her goals, hopes and dreams, and to meet their immediate health and safety needs. The Behavior Management Plans are based on a level system where the client earns points or maintains positive behaviors for a specific period.  This allows clients to be involved and aware of how they are doing daily. 

Clients who reside in RLS homes are encouraged to participate in activities outside the home, with supervision as needed.  RLS also provides transportation to appointments, such as counseling, medical, dental, and social services.  RLS provides 24-hour awake supervision in all our homes, and we follow the recommendations of client's Case Managers, Probation Officers, therapists, family members, and guardians, in the client's case planning and review. We also provide an RN on staff, who meets regularly with clients and all those involved in their care and treatment.  The RN ensures that medications are administered properly, and that each client is receiving the proper medical care.  An initial medical assessment is done whenever a client moves into an RLS home.  This allows the treatment team to be aware of any needs the client may have. The RN addresses these medical concerns and may arrange needed appointments or ask staff to do so.

In conjunction with residential placement, Residential Living Solutions has a Program Coordinator, Program Manager, Compliance officer and RN on-staff to ensure that an optimum Service Plans are developed and monitored that meets each clients’ unique needs. Residential Living Solutions also has a RN on-staff to ensure that each client's health and medical needs are addressed and monitored.

The Program Coordinator, Team Supervisors, and RN also work collaboratively to ensure that the efficiency of each client's plan, health, and medication regimen, providing each client with the opportunity to maximize their potential. 
When a behavioral component exists with a client that will be placed in our Homes, Residential Living Solutions develops the behavioral portion of the client's Service Plan in collaboration with their Social Worker at the client's admission. After the client is admitted, Residential Living Solutions and a Psychologist monitor, modify, and provide staff training on each plan as needed to ensure that each client receives the maximum benefit from our services. 

RLS reinforces positive change in our clients’ relationships through guidance, support and the opportunity for further education.



Residential Living Solutions serves adults with mental illness, including those with a dual diagnosis such as chemical dependency, or behavioral disorders.  We firmly believe that with the right supports, these individuals can live successfully in the community setting we provide.


Our primary goal is to help our clients live as independently possible in an RLS home of their choice, within the necessary guidelines, as determined by their diagnoses and specific needs.  RLS offers a broad range of services that work to provide a positive support system for each client's goals, hopes, and dreams.  We encourage growth and are always exploring new ways to better serve our clients.

Our goals include:

  • To plan an individual system to meet clients' needs, help them to achieve their goals, and live the lifestyles they desire.

  • To provide well-trained, informed staff members to provide the support system each client needs.

  • To focus on new and innovative ways to improve the quality of living for our clients.

  • To coordinate services with other individuals and agencies to maximize the opportunities available to clients.

  • To educate community members on mental illness and disabilities, as well as advocate for persons diagnosed with these issues.

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