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Quality Care You Can Trust

Who We Are

Welcome to RLS - Residential Living Solutions

We are an Adult Foster Care company that provides residential placement for mental health clients.

RLS focuses on 4 different MI populations.

  • High Behavior MI Adult

  • Corrections

  • Veterans

  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Residential Living Solutions, Inc. (RLS) are licensed adult family care homes located in central and northern Minnesota. RLS homes are state-licensed corporate foster care home with a family feel, not a facility or an institutional environment. RLS has experienced, trained, caring staff who have strong desires to provide care and support for the health, happiness and well-being of individuals, who, because of cognitive or psychological problems, cannot live alone.

RLS provides a safe environment; a clean, cheerful bedroom; delicious, home-cooked meals; and assistance with activities such as personal hygiene, household services, medication management, nutritional education, money management, behavior management, recreation and transportation to appointments.

Staff are available 24 hours every day.

All of our staff will ensure that everyone feels at home, like a member of our family and participates in activities that encourage socialization and independence.

Why an RLS home?

  • Private, confidential

  • Family setting

  • Medication administration & Management

  • Peaceful setting

  • Home cooked family style meals

  • All Private rooms

  • 24 hour supervision w/ nurse on call

  • Behavior Management Plans

  • Completely personalized care

Residential Living Solutions believes Mental Illness is only a small piece of who we are, not a reflection of ourselves. Our character, the sum of who we are, is defined by what we do with the life, skills, and opportunities we have.

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